Our core business is manufacturing baling machinery to reduce the volume of materials for storage, transport or marketing purposes.
From this core business we have further developed machinery for sorting and baling systems in the used clothing industry. Through the success of our customers, we have extended several existing sorting plants to increase production and/or implement newer technologies.
The last few years, we are facing a growing mountain of used textiles, especially the non-rewearable fraction. Automated sorting technologies would enable the industry to turn non-rewearable textiles into valuable feedstock for recycling. Hence, the development of FIBERSORT®.

Automatic and very precise sorting of textiles

In Europe there is more than 15 million tons of textile waste each year. Today more than 73% of textiles worldwide is still landfilled or incinerated. The fast fashion trends increase disposal rate and decrease textile quality. This phenomenon puts great pressure on companies involved in the sorting and reselling of textiles and in the mean time creates an enormous recycling opportunity.


Fibersort® is a technology specifically developed for the sorting of textiles based on fiber composition and color properties. Traditional technologies available on the market proved to be insufficient to solve the complex task of textile sorting but with the help of Interreg North-West Europe the Fibersort® technology was further developed and now enables the automatic and very precise sorting of textiles.

Fibersort® enables the industry to sort these textiles into as many categories as required in only one pass over the machine. For a manual version of the machine an operator is required to feed the textiles one-by-one but the operators can be replaced by the optional fully automatic feeding robot.

The automatic version of the machine is designed in such a way that it is scalable with the required production rate. Versions with one, two, three or four robots are available to meet the required throughput of the machine. The machine can later be upgraded to increase the capacity by adding more robots.

  • Sort on fiber
    composition & color

  • Fully

  • 1 piece
    per second